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The BWA Managed Investments products are closing.

Key dates

15 August 2020 – Completed account closure form must be received

31 August 2020 – All accounts will be closed

We recommend that you please contact your clients to make alternative arrangements for their cash account(s).

If Advisor Plus statement records are required, it is recommended these are obtained prior to account closure as they are not available through Advisor Plus after the account is closed.

The online application functionality within Advisor Plus has been removed and any manual applications will be returned. However, your access to view and manage your clients’ accounts via Advisor Plus will remain.

After 30 September 2020 your access to Advisor Plus will cease.

CMA Product Account Closure Form

Any questions?

Our Client Services Team will continue to service you and your clients’ accounts and can be contacted on
1300 663 117 (Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 5.00pm Perth time) if you have any questions regarding the account closure.

We would like to thank you for your support of the BWAMI products.